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Life Groups at Chardon United Methodist Church

Connect with others with similar interests, so you can “do life” together.

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Youth Groups at Chardon United Methodist Church

We are all about relationships, growth, and mission as we learn and experience what it really means to follow Jesus as a student.

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Serve at Chardon United Methodist Church

We pray that you sense the Lord’s presence richly and will allow Him to draw that gift out of you as you begin to serve.

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Staff of Chardon United Methodist Church Our staff welcomes you and wants to serve you.  We want you to know them and to openly contact them.

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Our Sermons


Recent Sermons

We believe we have three of the best pastors who deliver a powerful message with their sermons every week. Their sermons are linked on this Web page so that you can listen each and every week in the comfort of your home. We hope you enjoy our sermons, and pray that Jesus touches you through His word.

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Upcoming Sermons

Join us as we worship God at 8:45am and 10:00am each Sunday morning.  We encourage you to think about the following future topics, during your preparation to hear God’s word.

  • 1.29.2017  Many of us think that we know what is best for our lives.  This world does a great job of convincing us that we are right, but what if we are actually missing the bigger picture
Message Series:
What Does Jesus Want For Us?
what does jesus want for us photo for series
  • 2.05.2017 “That You Not Be Afraid”
  • 2.12.2017 “That We Be One”
  • 2.19.2017 “That We Know The True God and His Son”
  • 2.26.2017 “That We May Have His Joy Filled in Us”
  • 3.05.2017 “That God Keep Us From The Evil One”
  • 3.12.2017 “That We Be Made Holy In The Truth
  • 3.19.2017 ” That We May Be In The Father and The Son”
  • 3.26.2017 “That We May Be With Jesus Where He Is”
  • 4.02.2017 ” That God’s Love Will Be In Us”

Upcoming Events

Connecting Neighbors Training Course

Connecting Neighbors encourages churches to explore their capacity for various disaster response ministries and to consider ways to engage community partners.  The course provides information and material to help local churches, their members, and member of the community to prepare for local disasters.

Chardon United Methodist Church is preparing to serve as a local disaster shelter for Chardon, Geauga County, and with the Red Cross Disaster Shelter Program.  The course is a starting point for training personnel to help with the shelter in the event of a disaster.

We invite all members of the local community to attend this training on Saturday, February 4 from 9:00am-4:00pm at Chardon United Methodist Church.  Lunch will be provided and there will be no charge for the program.  Please register online at http://tinyurl.com/Connecting Neighbors.

Youth Mission Breakfast

Our Youth Ministry Team is preparing for their upcoming trips and plans to delight you with a warm breakfast!  Please come and join us on Sunday, January 15 from 8:00am-12:00pm in Fellowship Hall.  Donations will be accepted for our youth ministries (ASP, District Youth Retreat, Youth Annual Conference).

Christmas Eve Worship Services

Celebrate Christmas Eve at Chardon United Methodist Church on Saturday, December 24.  We will offer three worship services:

  • 3:00pm Modern service
  • 5:00pm Family service
  • 8:00pm Traditional Musical service.

Merry Christmas!

Blue Christmas Worship Service Rescheduled

Please join us this Sunday, December 18 at 3:00pm in the Sanctuary for a service of comfort and hope.  Anyone who is feeling “blue” this Christmas season, whether due to grief, loss of income or direction, illness, or broken relationships-whatever the reason, you are invited to this gathering with others who truly understand.  Come for comfort and a message of hope because Jesus holds our future.


Chardon Leadership Symposium

img_0426140 students and 12 teachers participating in a Leadership Symposium located at Chardon Church. This all-day interactive symposium was predominantly lead by students with many adults mentoring the students within their clubs, activities, sports, and societal leadership positions.  The students learned life-long skills and heard a powerful testimony of strength and perseverance from Gold Medalist, Dominique Moceanu.  [Show slideshow]

Current News

Hospitality Team

We are building a team to lead us in welcoming and loving our neighbor as Jesus taught.  If you have an interest in being part of this transformative Hospitality Team, know someone who might be a good fit, or want more information, contact Carl Casavecchia or Pastors Tom or Diane.


January Mission Project for Children

Children please bring in winter hats, gloves, mittens, scarves or small blankets to your Sunday School classroom and see if your class can fill the bin over the top!  All donations will be distributed to the homeless through Geauga Rescue Faith Mission.  Thank you for helping to keep others warm this winter!

Caring Cards New Year Challenge

The Caring Cards team is challenging each of us to send a Caring Card to at least one special someone in our lives during the month of January.  Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving a personal card and note letting them know they are thought of and prayed for.  You can pick up your cards from the card rack in the atrium today.  Remember, your $2.00 donation helps support Rock Foundation School.

CH.U.M.S. 2016 Recap

Our Chardon United Methodist Seniors (CH.U.M.S.) had an awesome 2016!  We had enough Christmas cards and stamps donated to provide cards to Project Hope, the Youth Carolers, Christmas basket recipients, the safety center inmates and employees and our church members.  Thank you to all  who made this possible.  You are so generous!

Throughout the year our group also distributed birthday cards, Valentines Day and Thanksgiving cards to our seniors and Veterans Day cards to all our veterans.  In addition, we were able to donate financially to the County Veterans office, the Ashtabula Steam Engine Historical Society, and to UMCOR.  We can not wait to see what God has in store for 2017!

How to Move Forward in Faith

Man walking on a Bible towards a cross

Disciple Apprentice Path

So you want to move forward in your faith journey.  Check out our Disciple Apprentice Path to see where you are on your journey and what learning opportunities are available to take the next step towards growth in Jesus!  The pastors and faith guides will be glad to help if you have questions.  Let’s get moving!

Our Latest Achievements in Progress

  • Goal towards our Mortgage Paydown 65%

Mortgage Paydown

Near the end of 2011, our church launched an initiative to pay off our mortgage.  We had a very successful capital campaign and was successful paying down and refinanced our mortgage.  Our membership then agreed to purchase our North campus property and continue to pay down the mortgage.  God is good.  Our mortgage is now lower than it has been in nearly 20 years.

Chardon United Methodist ChurchWelcome to Chardon United Methodist Church

If you are looking for a way to reach out, for reasons to come in, or for a faith community near you … our hearts, minds, and doors are always open.  We all share a faith in Jesus Christ, but the Church encourages us to think for ourselves, so we don’t necessarily share the same opinions about every faith issue or social concern.  We aren’t striving to be all the same, but we are striving to work together to make a significant difference in the world. Our services and missions are as diverse as our membership.  The Chardon United Methodist Church is alive with family involvement, as you can see from browsing our website.  We welcome you to visit any of our traditional or contemporary services or to participate in any of our activities.

Our Mission

To make and mature Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the World.

Our Vision

To Love like Jesus, Learn His ways, and Lead by His example

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